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Nostalgic memories. Vintage style. Classic Feel.

Sizing runs smaller than average – We recommend ordering one size up for a normal fit or 2 sizes up for a true oversized retro fit.

Products are true to image.

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Customer Reviews

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John Smith
Great product!!!

This football shirt is a blend of style, comfort, and functionality. It’s not just a piece of sportswear, but a symbol of team spirit and passion for the game.

Quality and Comfort (4.5/5) The shirt is made from high-quality polyester, known for its durability and breathability. It’s lightweight and comfortable, allowing for maximum movement and flexibility during the game. The fabric wicks away sweat, keeping the player cool and dry.

Design and Style (4/5) The design of the football shirt is vibrant and eye-catching, reflecting the energy of the sport. The team’s logo is prominently displayed, instilling a sense of pride and belonging. The fit is athletic, designed to minimize air resistance and enhance performance.

Durability (4/5) The football shirt withstands the rigors of the game and frequent washing. The color remains vibrant, and the fabric retains its shape and elasticity over time.

Value for Money (3.5/5) While the football shirt may be priced higher than regular sportswear, the quality, comfort, and durability it offers make it a worthwhile investment for any football enthusiast.

In conclusion, the football shirt is more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a testament to the love of the game, offering comfort, style, and performance in one package.

Estella Gian
Amazing Quality!

These jerseys are excellent quality! The sporting patch is embroidered, not just printed!!

Laurens Osterhold
In love with this one!

Wanted this jersey so bad, so happy to own this beauty now!
The Quality is very good and it has a great oversized, retro fit.

Joel C.

Never thought I’d get to own this jersey, a true classic, the detail is great!